Veronica Macias is a guest writer for LifeTeen, The Chastity Project, and Matt Fradd's The Porn Effect. She is also a Contributing Writer for Ave Maria University as an official Marketing Assistant. Veronica was the female worship leader at the Ave Maria Youth Conference for the last 4 years, where she sang for more than 800 people.  She has 6 years of ministry experience and writes her own Christian blogs, music, and poetry.  

Veronica is a Theology and Psychology student at Ave Maria University-  originally from Miami, FL.


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Are You Truly Free to Love? 

"In the midst of the walls we put up in our heart, we forget how were meant to love..."



   *Shared by Christopher West        "The problem is that because of contraceptives we have dwindled into a culture of death. We are not dying to ourselves. True, authentic love is dying instead..."



"His hands are weighed down by the Cross that should be mine, but became His..."