Veronica Macias is an experience compelling, and dynamic writer, musician, and speaker.

Veronica is currently studying Theology and Communications at Ave Maria University, in beautiful Southwest Florida.  As well as being a student, she was Marketing Assistant at AMU for two years. Her roles as Marketing Assistant included: writing for the University, managing social media, helping with the creative thinking process, and creating graphic designs. She has had several of her works published in the school academic catalog that reaches more than 12,000 people and writes blogs from a student perspective.

Veronica is a guest writer for Life Teen, The Chastity Project, and Matt Fradd's The Porn Effect. Her blogs on those outlets have reached ore than 8,000! 

She stays involved on campus at AMU through leadership in event coordinating and participation on campus including by her two-year membership on the Student Activities Board. She also had leadership roles in the Students for Life group, and Love & Fidelity Anscombe club. She immerses herself in charitable missions through frequent volunteer work at the Mother Teresa Project at her school. She focuses on mentoring and tutoring students in improvised areas, as well as, building homes in impoverished areas through Habitat for Humanity.


 People describe her as passionate and dedicated. She is a leader in her youth group and community through several ministries and  Parishes. She has been involved in youth ministry and music ministry for 6 years! Veronica Macias has led, sang, and spoken at several Catholic Youth Conferences and retreats, including the Ave Maria Youth Conference which host 800+ teens per year. 

Veronica is ignited with passion to spread the message of the Gospel to all, especially to the youth.  She loves bringing the Faith to others through her writing- so don't forget to click the 'blogs' tab! If you are interested in booking her for an event go to the 'contact' tab.