The Tragic Reminder I Needed To Be Love For All That I Meet

Today my dear acquaintance shared a message about a friend of hers who passed away two years ago. The message included a picture of a charming young man with a bold smile. The young man's smile was radiant as he looked at his friend with authentic joy. 

I had to know the person behind the smile that was once so bright. So I went onto his Profile to see scrolls and scrolls of memories and messages from his friends, family, and acquaintances.

I found out he was once a Chic-Fil-A cashier, talented musician, uniquely kind person, and devoted Christian. 

 At that moment I started to cry, wishing I just had the chance to know this beautiful soul. 

This young man was going to be someone's husband and someone's father. He was already a couple's child and the friend of many.  

He was known for being extraordinarily kind and talented. Though I didn't know him personally, in my heart I knew, his future was bright. Or it was supposed to be until he took it away... 

On average 117 people commit suicide a day. I’m sure at least 20 individuals attempt suicide each day in Florida alone. They feel useless and unloved, overwhelmed with the struggles of life. They are silently calling out for a sense of hope and purpose. 

The young man that I felt like I knew, was certainly created for a particular purpose and mission. He was created to meet particular people and impact their lives in a particular way. Who knows the possibilities for the life of that young man? 

In the grayness of everyday life, even you may forget that you were made out of love, for a unique mission. You weren’t made merely to pay the bills and get by. You were made for your own kind of greatness!  

No matter your circumstances in life- push forward because there is a purpose for your life, and yes there is even a mysterious purpose for your suffering. Something greater will come out of your hardship, and you will be a stronger person for it.  

Don’t give up. Don't allow yourself to be convinced by the lie that you are not loved, cared for, willed, or important.

You are so loved; my heart would burst just trying to explain the love and dignity that was put into the making of every fiber in your being.

This beautiful stranger reminded me of the importance of life and affirmation for the value of others. I wish he could know the beauty I saw in his individuality and authenticity that I had just a taste of.  

Don't let a day go by where you neglect someone who may need the same message that young man desperately needed. There is someone in your path who thirst for the affirmation that there is a meaning for their existence. 

Every day of your life, make it a point to be love for all that you meet. Love is the reason we are here and continue to be. Love is the ultimate destiny that we are inevitably called to.

You were made with love, by love, for love. 

Your very existence has created a positive impact on people you may not even know were impacted. I know this young man certainly made an impact on me.

As always,

You are loved.