Setting the World on Fire.

I’m that girl who actively shares saint quotes, Bible verses, and photos advocating the pro-life movement. I’m sure more than a handful of people have deleted me from social media because they were just sick and tired of seeing it all. They don’t buy this Jesus thing. Maybe they assume I’m one of those extremists who got the Christian message wrong and thinks everyone else is going to hell.

When many non-Catholics think of the Church, they think of Pedophile Priests, paganist worship of statues, or a Pope that “tries to be God.” Now- I can go on a rant on how completely inaccurate all of this is. I could speak of all the precious history and sacred traditions that make the Church the beauty that it is, standing almost 2000 years strong.  But, I’m gonna tell you how I sense the Catholic Church to be.

I’m gonna tell you how I fell in love with this Church, to the point that I would willingly give my life for it.

I see diverse crowds of people. Different spiritualties, races, backgrounds, pasts. But, division doesn’t exist. There is only unity, created in the image and likeness of God we are. I see a revival of the Spirit upon those who ask. I see great fire aflame those with open hearts and minds, they ready to set the world ablaze. I see a new generation of apostles who are willing to die for Christ and His Church.

I see red and white rays of mercy streaming from Christ’s compassionate heart. Similar rays protrude from His healing hands. His eyes stare into my soul. I see compassion. I see Christ’s blood gushing out from the crucifix at the top of the Church, over the altar. The blood is pouring out over the gifts that have become His own precious Body and Blood. I get to behold Him. We are face to face. I see selflessness. Heaven is kissing earth for a brief moment as I am united with every single Catholic to roam the earth. I see my loved ones who have passed. I see my grandfather who instilled passion and wisdom into my life. I see my great grandmother who was the my first Catholic influence, rosary in hand. There’s a presence of all the great saints and souls. All the Catholics who have ever lived. I see remembrance. I see honor.

 I see a woman destroying the serpent at her feet with a crown of twelve stars over her head. I see courage. Her image transforms and she is altered. Now she is walking with sorrow, weeping. She takes me to the feet of the Cross. I see humility. We adore Him, in disbelief that the most perfect person to roam the earth was beaten and hung on a cross to die. I see sacrifice. My mouth dries similar to him in that moment of death on the cross. I see Him. I see Him and I’m not worthy. I adore Him and I’m not worthy. I love Him and I’m not worthy. Just when I thought I wasn’t worthy enough, He offers His whole self to me. The words seep from His mouth “This will be given up for you.” I am transformed by the great mystery. He changes my heart like never before. The grace, the love of Christ. It’s unfathomable and it sets me free, it sets me on fire. How can He die to set me free? I’m not worthy, God. I’m not worthy. I feel Him grab my hand. He puts me to rest and an overwhelming peace enters my heart. There is not a doubt, or worry, or sin that can change this moment. Every day He draws me in, beckoning me. After the mystery feast, there’s an overcoming silence. He pierces into my soul and with great desire He speaks.

“I thirst.”

Catholic or not, Christ invites you to this great mystery. Christ is thirsting for you on the cross, waiting for you to behold Him on the altar at a Catholic Church near you. Only there will you be able to consume Him and know Him in the most intimate way. If you are Catholic stop missing out on mass. Christ wants to transform you and make him a living saint. As Catherine said, “Be who God created you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

 All in His glory,

your Sister in Christ.