The phrase “Thanks, BirthControl!” has been rampant over social media. It’s insane to think that men and women throughout the world are proclaiming they are so very thankful for contraception when it has detrimentally impacted societies’ view on sexuality, relationships, and the value of human life.

Thanks to contraception we have become convinced that we can get off the hook without responsibility or consequences for our actions. Thanks to the recreational uses of birth control we have died to the emotions that are involved in sexual union. Thanks to the contraceptive uses of birth control person’s identities have become deteriorated by participation in today’s hookup culture.

 The “ThxBirthControl” movement is contradicting for many reasons. In fact, we have a lot more to BLAME on birth control than to thank birth control for.


Contraception has made me an object. Not just me, but you, too.

To many, we are nothing more than a body and “banging” to be pursued.

Contraception has led a majority of society to believe that life has no value.

Our depth as a human person and the sacredness of sexual union has been totally reduced.
And I’m convinced we have become a society of use.

Thanks to the utilization of contraception, women are for many nothing more than floating bodies to be undressed and used.

I won’t stop at the effects of contraception on women but continue with the effects it has on men, too.

Men have become for women nothing, but a means to find comfort and worthiness through. Women are starting to believe that those minutes in bed are the only time men will just maybe be amused.

Bruised confidence and broken consciousness. As if casual sex was liberating - but we know that instead, we have become slaves.

We have become slaves to our own “desires,” slaves to the flesh.

We see biologically what sex does and is supposed to do, but we take it away.
We want the physical pleasure without the physical exchange.

And emotions? What are those? We shut them out- though during this intense physical exchange our souls are their most vulnerable.

The importance of sexuality has been stripped away by the "science" and "technology" of Plan-B and Plan-A.  

Society thinks it has saved us, but the harsh reality is that we are just more chained.

But isn’t birth control for contraception a good thing?

 People say it saves the country from more abortion. But the use of birth control in an effort to not get pregnant is like adding fuel to the fire or adding more water into the tide of waves.

If the condom breaks or 1% chance comes true, we can just abort the "problem."
In the meantime- 3,000 babies are rid of a day, just taking account of abortions in the United States.

Is “unplanned pregnancy” really the problem? Really the deadliest consequence?

No. The problem is that because of contraceptives we have dwindled into a culture of death.

We are not dying to ourselves. True, authentic love is dying instead.

 We still love, though. We love ourselves so much it hurts. We love ourselves so much we would rather get our sex fix, even if it means someone’s feelings will be put in the dirt.

We love ourselves so much; we can't get out of our own head.

We have died to our emotions; we have died even to our own consent.
We have forgotten the personal exchange of sex. We have forgotten the dignity of the body and the whole of the human person.

We have died to our sexuality. We have buried the reality of what makes us who we are.

Truly, we have died.

Thanks, birth control for all that you have done to "save" our society. But, I would rather have more joyful babies roaming around than young adults who have become so numb to their feelings, so numb to their sexuality, they might as well be zombies.

My hope is that society can remember what sexuality really means; And to see the beauty of our sexuality in everything.

Are the contraceptive uses of birth control worth all this damage and self-hate?

This is what I have to say to birth control: No thanks.

*Editor’s note: The author is referring to the damages of the recreational uses of birth control to purposely prevent pregnancy, not the use of it for medical reasons.