14 Things You Can Do For Yourself and Your Future Spouse This Valentine's Day!

14 Things You Can Do for You and Your Future Spouse This Valentine’s Day!

Store aisles are overstocked with giant teddy bears, exquisite rose bouquets, and LOTS of chocolate.  Valentine’s Day is near and our consumerist culture wants you to know it! Single or not, there are things you can do this Valentine’s Day for the Valentine that truly matters- the one that will stand, sit, and lay by your side until death brings you apart.

Here are 14 things you can do for you and your future spouse this Valentine’s day!

1. Let yourself be loved! Read through this reflection by St. Anthony of Padua and let it permeate into your heart. Work on allowing yourself to truly be satisfied with your relationship with the Lord. (http://gnm.org/prayers-be-satisfied-with-me/)

2. Pray a Rosary for your future marriage, family, and for the purity of you and your future spouse. End the Rosary with this beautiful prayer to St. Raphael. (http://lordcalls.com/prayers-for-different-people/prayer-to-st-raphael-for-the-wise-choice-of-a-mariage-partner)

3. Write a love letter to God. Include your feelings on discernment and hopes for your future spouse/Vocation.

4. Share the love! Write encouraging and honest messages to your friends!

5. Learn to sacrifice.  Give up something for the sake of your future spouse and family (such as a meal, meat, sweets, coffee, technology- it can be something small or large, just make it meaningful.) Instead of having a petty party when seeing “cute, couple things,” joyfully give up that temporary feeling of sadness or loneliness for someone who needs prayer that day- let our Blessed Mother use that prayer for someone she knows needs it!

6. Learn to love yourself. Ask God to reveal to you all the things He loves about you. Write them down along with a message of encouragement to yourself and read them in times of loneliness or inadequacy throughout the year.

7. Learn something new and share some laughs! Get a group of friends together to learn how to partner dance (it can be swing, salsa- just get those feet moving!)  

8. Learn to give yourself. Perform three charitable acts for people you may not know very well (this can be opening a door, asking someone how they are doing, or saying an encouraging or kind word to somebody.)

9.  Read the section in the Catechism about Chastity, Vocation, and Marriage then read the section on the Wedding Banquet of Bridegroom (Christ) to us, His Bride (The Church)- read about the Eucharist and the Mass.

10. Order your desires towards their intended, ultimate, and heavenly end. If you struggle with any habitual sexual sin (such as pornography or masturbation) meet with a Spiritual Director to start creating a plan to overcome it (also check out the porneffect.com for more resources.)

Focus on removing your wounds and sexual addiction so you can overcome sin and be able to give yourself TOTALLY to your future spouse. Let your Vocation be your motivation!

11. Go to Mass and ask St. Valentine for His intercession through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with the intention that you and your future spouse can be prepared for your Vocation.

12. Read Ephesians 5 and Corinthians 13!

13. Watch a Theology of the Body talk with some friends (or a special someone.)               Suggestions? Jason Evert or Christopher West!

14.  Do something that sets your soul on fire! Do you love to dance, write, sing, dance, play a sport, paint? Enjoy your time and glorify God through your talents on this day and every day of your life.

If you are in a relationship this Valentine’s Day,  remember to cherish, and appreciate your significant other, not just today, but every day. Create goals on how to keep Christ as the center of your relationship. Remember how you would want your future spouse to be respected and treated before they are put into your life, and treat your current significant other the same way.

If you are single this Valentine’s Day see this time as a gift! Grow in friendship, grow in who God made you to be, and (more importantly) grow in relationship with Christ.

“You are loved more than you will ever know by someone who died to know YOU.” -Romans 5:8